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Yeah ... it's been a while, eh? Obviously, if I'm not doing NaBloPoMo, I'm not likely to be keeping you up on stuff. These three posts were from the end of March ... but it was, at least, a week when I got up my usual 3 posts over on The Job Stalker ... and there have been a lot of weeks when that didn't happen!

Had my review of 50 Jobs in 50 States featured that week, and managed to get an e-mail interview done with the author, which ran on Monday, 3/28/11. As you may recall on Wednesday, 3/30/11 I went to a great event hosted by some social media contacts here, and snagged the local "evangelist" for EventBrite afterwards to do an (live!) interview, which I ran that evening. And, that week I had a full boat of links to pass along on Friday, 4/01/11, with a joke-free April Fools Day post.

Oh ... which reminds me. Something has changed with The Job Stalker - I'm no longer getting paid. At all. The Tribune's contract was very clear that they could "switch my status" on that at any time, and they (with the changes they've been doing site-wide) were tightening up their structure, and my blog was one of the ones that was getting such low traffic numbers that they were switching those off the "paid" rolls. Of course, since it was getting such low traffic, what I was getting paid (at, if you recall, ½¢ per unique page view in the Chicago market) was so little (I described it as "a cup of coffee a month") that it really doesn't matter financially, but it is a slight ego bruise.

Anyway, once again I almost missed doing this today (oops!), and I hope that I can start cranking these out more predictably.

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