BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Get your kicks ...

No, I'm not in this pic ...

That's Theresa Carter of The Local Tourist, and Jim Goodrich (on the right) who are about to head off for a two-week exploration of the famed Route 66 in a Chevy the color of the one they're leaning up on there, courtesy Connie Burke (of Driving the Midwest, at center {subtly pointing to the Chevy logo}, pictured also with Theresa's parents) and the GM Social Media team.

Tonight I was off at a fund-raiser party for the launch of this adventure down in the south Loop. They had two hot Chevys parked outside of Cactus, one which was a Camaro convertible model of the type they'd be driving, and one was the car pictured here, which was in the bright red color that the actual Camaro they're gong to be driving is going to be painted (don't know why the particular vehicle wasn't able to make an appearance this evening).

I don't know if it was simply because it was Saturday night, or if folks had gotten run to ground by the big thunderstorm that had blown through a couple of hours prior, but the party was missing a LOT of folks who had RSVP'd that they'd be there (over on Facebook, at least). Goodrich's group "Jim & Tim" were playing most of the evening and there were all sorts of drawings (I didn't win anything, but got some Hot Wheels versions of the red Camaro convertible to bring home to The Girls) for good loot.

My once-and-future boss, Antony Van Zyl (with his wife, Antonia) came down for the event, having just had Theresa and Jim as guests on the "NightCap" talk show we do for ClickVision.TV up in Evanston ... so there was much schmoozing going on.

Next time I'll remember to bring my own camera so I'll have a pic which needs less explaining!

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