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Not that you would particularly care, but it's sort of odd for me going back to pull out these posts from The Job Stalker from as far back as these are. Sometimes they have contextual stuff that at least lets you know what I was up to, but, heck, these are two months old at this point ... hardly "breaking news".

Anyway, on Monday, April 4th, I did a "book feature" on Carol Roth's Entrepreneurial Equation. As regular readers of this space will recall, I was totally blind-sided by that, and had to write what is, perhaps, my most negative review ever ... quite embarrassing as I'd specifically requested a review copy from Ms. Roth, and our paths cross not infrequently in the Social Media sphere! On Wednesday, April 6th, I was pretty much "tap dancing", not having anything particular lined up ... I talked about my reading, attending the Social Media Breakfast, and how my freelance work was impacting my job search. Friday, April 8th featured the Friday "link dump" but also my kvetching over the fact that the previous Job Stalkers posts kept coming up in the daily reports that ChicagoNow sends out, and how I really didn't want to have to get into "SEOing" my writing just to get more hits. Be glad I don't or you'd be seeing the same crap over and over (as people keep searching for the same stuff)!

As for "new" news, we had a big change at what's been looking like "my work" this past weekend, with the L.A. partners dictating a shift of focus, I'm guessing due to investor interest in only one aspect of the business. Fortunately for me, the focus is more in the area that I've been working, and so I'm still (I think) pretty much in line for going full-time when said investors get on board. However, it's made me nervous, and I've tumbled down from feeling "oh, great, this is rolling right along and things will be OK soon" to feeling like I may be clutching at straws and need to be back into the thick of the job hunt. I really, really, would like to get into a more solid, reliable situation ... I'm so sick of living on hopes and prayers, and bits and pieces of stuff that I can pick up. I want to have a job that I can excel at which will pay me well, and let me re-build the parts of my life that have crumbled over the past many years.

Oh, my ... ain't that a cheery post.

Anyway, as usual, I'd love it if you clicked through to read my other blitherings ... as noted, I'm no longer getting paid for that stuff, but it makes me feel better when I see that people are at least taking a look!

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