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And then ...

So, yes ... after having a "full" week the previous week, I didn't really have squat for The Job Stalker the week of April 15th ... the hours I was spending on consulting things were getting thick and the ones I had to pay attention to job-search blogging thin. As the title has it, however: Choosing absence over pointlessness ... I could have tap-danced or found some half-assed filler, but decide to just let it go that week. I did manage to get together a dozen decent links, though, so I didn't totally blow off my ChicagoNow duties.

By the way ... it's convenient that I decided to do a NaBloPoMo this month, as it appears to help my standing in that new "social media game" Empire Avenue. Now, I got dragged into that on the verge of "screaming & kicking", as I'm not much of a "game person" and the structure of E.A. (which, being on Twitter as much as I am, I couldn't help but notice) seemed pretty contrived, bordering on silly. However, certain co-conspirators were very enthused about it, so I got set up, and did the various things that I needed to do to maximize my presence in there. It's free up to a point, with an internal economy based on a currency called "Eaves", which you get a bunch of when you come in, and "earn" others via various means (which are largely still a mystery to me). However, the "structure" of the game is that of a stock market, and you are your stock (big surprise: I'm (e)BTRIPP over there) ... but the action is in buying shares in other people. Frankly, I had just about zero interest in "playing a stock exchange game", but I must admit, there's so much fiddly stuff to do to keep up with things there, that it's drawn me in on a purely OCD level! Anyway, having a blog and posting to it regularly (yes, I also hooked in The Job Stalker) improves your standing (or whatever), so it was handy that I had opted to go full-out in here before that came up!

Interestingly, the one activity that this is prodding me to be more involved in is Flickr ... which I'd had assorted accounts on over the years, but never posted any pics to. As it's one of the things that gets you points (or whatever), I uploaded my pics from the Lit Fest, and am looking at adding some other stuff currently moldering in the dark recesses of the 4gig SD card in my camera. This may have added benefits to you, my LJ readers, as Sloth is my main reason of not getting pics up in here that I took and intended to share, and if I'm regularly plugging that chip into the computer to move files, the odds are VASTLY improved that I'll grab pics for here too!

Oh, and as always, even though it's not going to score me any partial pennies, I still appreciate seeing the click-throughs on my traffic report ... sort of makes me feel less like I'm whispering into the void, and all.

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