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Hmmm ...

Funny how the memory works. Today I was doing my regular Twitter reading and hit this from Darren Williger:

Not much there, just him pimping out one of his multitudinous pages. However, somehow the "Low-Cost Wine" part wormed right into my brain, and suddenly I was having one of those technicolor 3-D memory bursts going back to my college days. Now, I quit drinking back in 1985, so my attention to wine (low-cost or otherwise) has faded to just "random data" status. But this one little tweet had me standing in this liquor store in Appleton, WI circa 1978 or so.

Some background ... I was, of course, a "city kid", having grown up in New York City and Chicago, and my family was on the "foodie" side of things - professionally, even, with a public relations practice that specialized in consumer food products, and was tied in to the whole gourmet scene. Arriving in Appleton was a bit like being sent to Siberia for me on this level. I was so desperate for something other than the local curds that I even signed up for Gerard Paul's "Cheeselovers International" to have the occasional treat shipped out to me in the wastelands. Eventually, I discovered this one big liquor store (a considerable bit down the road from campus) which did have a deli counter with some decent finds, but, more to the point, it had the near-mythical "dollar wine bin".

This was, evidently, tied to the synapses firing when "Low-Cost Wine" hit my brain this morning, as I mentally found myself standing there sorting through the mass of not-so-drinkable swill looking for the few bottles that I had some confidence in. I'd found that many "off-brand" Zinfandels drank far better than the various jug and box options that were in my price range, so I was always happy to be able to walk out of there with $5-$10 of palatable wine (at a buck a bottle!).

Anyway, I was amazed to have had such a vivid memory of a moment in time now a third of a century ago ... really, this was as clear - the light, the sound, the smells - as if I was recalling something from yesterday ... triggered by such an ephemeral part of the internet data stream. Figured I'd share!

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