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So, let's get back to these ...


I do still have quite a lot of these to spew out, so I guess I should get to them, eh? This was one of those weeks when I was very tied up with freelance assignments and missed Monday altogether (come to think about it, I'm missing Monday at The Job Stalker today as well ... not having a book in the hopper to talk about, or a back-up plan). That Wednesday, April 20, I ran a "guest post". Now, I'm not sure about some of the things I get queried about over there ... a lot of the things that get pitched seem a bit hinky. As I understand it, in the ever-grey world of SEO tinkering, having a high Page Rank site (like the Tribune's various properties) link to your site can dramatically improve your "P.R." (yes, it confused the heck out of me too, thinking "public relations"), which then improves the impact of your links (or something like that). I keep hearing from sites with somewhat nebulous content/concepts that feel like they're scams, but don't really have anything scammy on them. I've gotten to the point where I figure that if the piece they send me is coherent, reasonably well written, and more-or-less on-target, I'll run it ... albeit while scratching my head as to what they're really getting out of the deal. This was one of those, but if you click through to Ms. Allen's site you'll find a lot of content, but no ads, and no pitches ... but seemingly without much point either. Oh, well. Then, on Firday, April 22, I had my regular end-of-the-week link dump, with more yakking about the freelancing and how it looked like I might have a job upcoming, etc., etc., etc. I wish I was feeling that confident about things now.

Anyway, as always, I appreciate the clicky-clicky, even though I'm no longer getting those half cents for them (in the Chicago market), as it really is pretty awful to feel that nobody's reading my stuff.

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