BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

A new project, much like the old project ...


Well, as I've indicated, things have "become complicated" with the work situation. While I'm still consulting with the same group that I've been working with over the past six months, they officially cut off a significant portion of what we'd been doing. Fortunately (for me) the part that's being re-focused on is the area for which I was specifically responsible, so the odds of my continuing with that (and even getting a full-time gig if and when the financing comes through) are good.

However, I was contacted by the production company that had been the main force behind the "talk show" (and other in-house creations) that we'd been doing, and had been cut in the latest changes, to see if I could perform the same social media and communications roles for the new project they were spinning out of this ... HyperLocal Chicago Live.

Unlike its predecessor, this is not a scripted show, and it's back to being live-streamed to the web, only this time directly into FaceBook. And it's four hours long. This is more like a 2-person radio show than the "talk show" format before, but done with a live audience and in video.

We're still defining my role (I was "live Tweeting" it tonight), but it looks to involve Social Media, P.R., and a significant slug of web development. Heck, I might even get on camera a bit.

Anyway, the shots up there were from tonight's inaugural show at the Globe Cafe & Bar in Evanston's Hotel Orrington, right by the Northwestern campus. Don't you love that "SL" sticker (like the European country tags)? That laptop's a hand-me-down from when I was working in Second Life ... always get a kick when I see it.

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