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Like I need added stress ... today, for some reason, Live Journal was not letting me upload any images, and I was freaking out! I'm under sufficient time pressure every day (yeah, that is one of the things that sucks worst about unemployment ... the job search never ever ever ever ever lets up!) that when I've determined that "between X:XX and Y:YY hours I'm going to get Z done" and hit something that WON'T LET THAT HAPPEN, it makes me freak'n nuts. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. I spent most of the day cranking out new resumes (and I can't begin to tell you how little I like doing that!), but had this one window where I figured I'd get the pics uploaded and a start done on this post. So, I went and fired up the upload screen and navigated to the directory, and chose the first image file, and hit "upload" and ... NADA. It just sat there saying "please wait" with nothing happening. "Rinse and repeat" a half dozen times. I even rebooted the computer (stuff had gotten pretty slow ... a downside of working with videos) and tried again and it still wasn't uploading, and I was spinning out all sorts of scenarios (had I exceeded my storage limit last night? did some Windows update bork the interface?), and even went to open a support ticket. L.J.'s support tickets are like postings, and you can leave comments, so every hour I was back in there pleading for somebody to let me know what was happening and what I could do about it. Finally I tried one more time, and the image uploaded ... oh, yay! Of course at this point I no longer actually had time to deal with this, so you're getting the abbreviated (or, I suppose, "hijacked" by this story) version of what I was going to go with.

Anyway, the week in question started out typically enough, with Monday, April 25th, featuring a book review (albeit one that was "a stretch" for The Job Stalker audience), and Wednesday, April 27th, having a "guest post" by an industry pundit (one of the "frequent contributors" whose work I snag "with permission" when I don't have anything in the hopper ... I believe that I'm doing one of those today as well), but then there wasn't a Friday post with link dump, but a very rare Saturday post on April 30, which was heavy on the "navel gazing" and fully expecting that I was going to be safely ensconced in a new job in the near future. Stupid Brendan!

Fortunately, this week, by some quirk of my Twitter reading, I had nearly a "full boat" of links for this upcoming Friday by Tuesday, which is a shocker given that I've hit a lot of weeks where I've only had a scant handful when Friday's rolled around. Hopefully I'll be able to wrap those in something clever, since I won't be having to spend the afternoon frantically scrolling through "saved" Twitter blocks, looking for "good stuff" to throw in the blog.

(sigh) Tonight I'm taking The Girls off to Dave & Busters to celebrate their grades for the just-now-completing school year. Daughter #2 managed straight A's all the way through, and Daughter #1 is averaging an A-/B+ in the very demanding International Baccalaureate program (she got one "C" but that was somewhat under protest as there was a screw-up in getting her credit for an extra credit project that would have pushed that up into a high B!). Of course, in our current financial situation (I seem to be doomed to not getting paid for the work I've done ... that big Second Life project ended up paying me 20¢ on the dollar, and my current consulting gig owes me about five checks that theoretically got screwed up in setting up an automatic system with the bank ... but they told me it was all taken care of 2-3 weeks back, and I've still not seen those payments!) makes me miserable company in any situation where we're spending money, but at least we can take advantage of D&B's dinner deal (where you spend $15.99 for something that would normally be $10.99 or so and get a $10 card for the games), and their Wednesday night "half price" deal on the games ... so that we're not likely to have to spend much for the "play" part of the evening (unless Daughter #1 insists on trying to get stuff out of the "big claw machine"!).

I just wish I wasn't feeling so damn stressed out heading over for that.

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