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Oh, look ... pretty pictures! I think I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I'd been taking pictures with the intent of putting them into posts, but never quite getting around to doing so, right? Well, one of the "advantages" of doing a NaBloPoMo is that one is frequently looking for content (not that I don't have stuff lined up, mind you, I have at least five more posts where I'll be blithering on about The Job Stalker ... lucky you!), and so I got into my camera's SD Card tonight. Actually, I had something else "old" that I was going to pull together, but the night got late and I didn't want to do that post half-assed, so I figured I'd show you some snapshots.

The first of these is one of those "gee, that's growing in an alley?" shots. This thistle stood a good 4' in the alley down the block from Open Books. Last weekend Daughter #2 and I ran over there with the box load of "baby books" that she was donating to them. I have all sorts of issues about loss of childhood items, so I couldn't even look at what was in the box for fear that something that was one of my favorites ended up in there. A number of years ago I'd found a series of books that I'd had in 1st and 2nd grade on Ebay ("The Deep Sea Adventure Series") and had gotten them for her, as they were fond memories for me, and I was pretty sure those had ended up in there too (as I don't believe she ever connected with them), and that would have been tough to deal with. The Wife is the sort that churns through possessions (her two most favorite activities are shopping and throwing stuff away), and I'm the sort that hangs on to things forever, and I knew that this was one battle that I wasn't going to win.

Anyway, after we dropped off the books, we saw this in the alley and took some pictures. It's pretty amazing that it got room to grow there, and that it had gone sufficiently unmolested to grow as large as it had!

The flamingos are a shot I took when I was off at the Zoo last month with Daughter #1's class. It turned out well, and I figured I'd share. That was such a strange day (I believe I mentioned it a few posts back) with absolutely torrential rains as we were headed over there (we walked form her school), to the extent that most of Armitage St. was ankle-deep in run-off! I guess it didn't bother these birds, however.

Oh, and I ran across a "perfect" job listing today ... they were looking for somebody with a whole list of skills and experience, all of which I had, and I actually was able to suss out who the specific "hiring manager" was for it. So, I spent most of the afternoon carefully crafting a cover letter. It's also a very decently paying gig, so I'm somewhat excited, and hope that I'll be at least able to get a chance to come in for an interview. My biggest worry is that I look to be about twice the age of anybody working there at present, but I was trying to "spin" that in terms of my having vastly more experience than pretty much anybody else who would come close to having all the specific capabilities they were looking for. I'm going to be crushed if that just gets ignored!

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