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Frankly, over the weeks/months when I was getting a lot of hours on my various projects, my attention to The Job Stalker waned significantly. I was, after all, anticipating a full-time gig emerging from this in a short while (which may still happen), and between that expectation and the number of hours subtracted from my daily 24, I really wasn't pushing much on the job search. This meant that very few weeks had as many as 3 posts, and the above were one of those that did.

Monday, May 9th was a rare non-book post for the start of the week, but was instead some "navel gazing" about where things were at that time, on Wednesday, May 11th I handed the reins over to "co-Job Stalker" Gordon Dymowski for an introductory piece, with my just adding a bit at the end, and on Friday, May 13th I added on more navel gazing and what I'd scraped up for links over a two week span. Obviously, the Monday and Friday posts have stuff in them which should probably have shown up in here, but without bleak self-reflection, I didn't have anything to write about there! So, give 'em a click if you want to get caught up with my angst.

This weekend was not particularly productive, but that was largely due to Father's Day, so it wasn't all bad. Saturday night The Girls cooked dinner (#2 taking the lead on dinner per se, and #1 having done an angelfood cake with whipped cream frosting for dessert). Sunday started with prizes ... my main one being a new printer (to replace my two currently half-functioning printers ... which I researched and sent the link to The Wife) that I figured could do double-duty as my main gift as I was going to have to be getting one anyway ... plus various other fun and/or useful items. We then headed out to see X-Men First Class, which was not as awesome as I'd gathered from various Twitter reports, but was fun and had me scurrying off to Wikipedia and various Marvel sites to make sure I knew what the various back-stories were (I was amazed that there was no character name applied to Michael Ironside's role as the captain of the American destroyer, he's a fairly high-profile actor to be in a "throw-away" role, and I'm wondering if he's going to be figuring into the S.H.I.E.L.D. mythos ... running the flying aircraft carrier base, for instance ... in subsequent movies). I was also confused by there both not being a Stan Lee cameo in the film, and there not being a teaser scene after the credits.

We then were off for a late lunch (it was about 2:30) or early dinner. We stuck our heads into a few places near the theater (as we were deadlocked on concepts), and eventually ended up going to the place I'd gotten a gift certificate (as I've said, those always feel like "printing money", getting $25 off for just $3!) for, La Sera Cafe, an Ethiopian place over on Wells St., which was very tasty.

After lunch/dinner we wandered back home, I got on the computer for a bit, and was eventually coaxed out of my office to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 1 which they'd gotten from the Red Box machine (I'd not seen it yet, and had wanted to before DH2 comes out). Very unusual for me to see two movies in one day!

Anyway, I'd planned to get some work done (or resumes out) on Sunday, but didn't. As always, I keep hoping that somebody will actually HIRE ME and I'll be able to work on a job which has goals, parameters, a regular paycheck (benefits would be nice too), and allow me to FOCUS on one thing instead of the chaos of job search overlaid with freelance/consulting gigs. I'm so sick of being constantly exhausted by the mental grind of being "not this, not that" and thereby having all my no-purchased time (and more) "spoken for" by the still-unending job search! Of course, a Lottery win would be even better ...

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