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Two posts, two weeks ...


It is agonizing to think that just a month ago, I was billing out almost 8 hours a day, and was expecting that "any time now" I'd be getting upgraded to a full-time position. While the latter is (to my knowledge) not "off the table", the hours have crashed to zip, and I'm once again staring into the abyss. During the middle of last month I had two weeks where I only managed one post each for The Job Stalker. On Wednesday, May 18th I ran one of those semi-legit "guest posts" (I edited this down to not make it quite the commercial for a popular on-line college that it was in its original form), this one featuring a survey that had been done in several locations (with assorted "chambers of commerce" as nominal partners ... coming out of P.R., I know how that works) to produce a report on the employment landscape of that region. I didn't manage to get out another post for over a week, partially due to my not "having enough" (I know, it's my own darn OCD that dictates what's "enough") links to go with a "link dump" the Friday in the middle of that. Anyway, on Friday, May 27th I had sufficient links scraped up (obviously, the paucity of links for that was due to the limited amount of Twitter I was reading ... if I read "every post by every person I'm following every day" I always have a full set or more, but that's a pretty stiff time commitment) to do my usual end-of-the-week post.

I had a 2-hour meeting this morning with a "new" client ... it's related to the previous big project, but spun off on its own at this point. Right now I'm mainly going to be developing a web site for them, and I look to be limited to 40 hours a month ... so it's a bit like being "back to square one" from late last year. Of course, 40 hours month is better than no hours, but having gotten SO CLOSE to what looked like a good solid full-time gig, it's soul crushing ... and I'm having a very hard time chasing away the panic and depression of our current financial state. Add to this The Wife's birthday being this weekend, and, well ... hard for me to get up about anything.

Anyway ... at least the "ambient copy" in the above links is MUCH more cheery than this missive, so why don't you give 'em some clicky-clicky and rinse out my current gloomspew!

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