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OK, so this at least catches up to June. That week I actually had a job-search book to write about, which was the "Parachute" book about looking for work on the Internet. In my review I'd wondered how I'd missed seeing that previously, as it was (obviously) right on-target for me. I discovered that I had a copy of a much earlier version (still) sitting in a stack of job-search books in a bathroom here, a straggler from a previous iteration of my search. Anyway, I was very enthusiastic about the latest edition, and really pumped it up in The Job Stalker on Monday, May 30th. We had another post from Gordon on Wednesday, June 1st, where he's talking about using LinkedIn. And, on Friday, June 3rd I managed to get another dozen or so links up. All quality stuff (especially the pictures I found to go with the posts!) that you'll want to check out.

Today was "one of those days" ... I could have easily filled it up seamlessly four times over with different stuff, getting out resumes (yeah, I'm panicking again), working on that web site for the new client (I could have gotten that finished today), and assorted other projects that have not been quite triaged into my day. Instead, I spent it all (well, after a long-ish phone meeting in the morning) with The Girls running around to get stuff for their Mom, whose birthday is coming up in a scant few minutes here. We were all over the place looking for stuff, and I think we got "everything on the list", although we way over-spent on one part of it (that ended up being a bit of a crap-shoot on whether The Wife will like it), which thankfully is returnable. We ended up going out to a "casual" place for dinner down by the Riverwalk, which still ended up costing a ton (having quit drinking a quarter of a century ago, I'm horrified when The Wife's Chardonnay part of the bill turns "reasonable" into "painful" ... a little plastic glass of wine should not cost more than a bottle at the store!).

After dinner, Daughter #1 was not feeling well, and I had to take her home in cab. Now, during the average week, I spend next to nothing on myself. Going over to the book store cafe to write and have some tea is a major treat for me, so having a cab ride that costs 3x that "major treat" just KILLS me. Not only does it feel like the last vestiges of solvency slipping through my fingers (and, trust me, that's a very tactile sensation for me!), but it makes me feel like the biggest LOSER in the world, as 25 months after having my last job evaporate under me, I still can't find a place in this damn world. Everybody who knows me is "amazed" that somebody with my talents, intellect, experience, etc. hasn't found regular work yet ... but there I am, on the outside, with my face pressed up on the glass looking at all those people who have jobs, have incomes, and are successfully supporting their families.

I am so, so, so sick of living this way.

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