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Another "full" week, albeit with only one post really by me. I used a piece by Harvey Mackay on Monday, June 6, figuring he was an author I'd covered previously, so why not have him in the "book" slot, then we had another of Gordon's posts on Wednesday June 8 (dealing with "job clubs", a concept of which I was only vaguely aware), and then I had a "link dump" on Friday, June 10.

I came real close to missing getting this out tonight ... the weekend has been a blur between The Wife's birthday celebrations and the project which I can't really talk about that had me shooting and editing video today. Actually, I was done with that project per se by the early evening, but the resulting piece is 56mb large and I've been trying to find a way to get it to where it's supposed to be going (and that's way to large to e-mail). I've not been particularly happy with the uploading services that I've used (they take forever, and I always worry that the intended recipient isn't going to make the effort), but the other options have not been good. I was trying to upload it to my Ning site, but discovered that unless you're paying for "pro" (which the sites that I've been managing for other people are, so I thought that was just a standard Ning feature) you can't upload video to the site, just link to it from elsewhere. Since I have assorted people subscribed to my YouTube channel, I didn't want to stick it there and have other folks checking it out, so that wasn't going to work.

I have various domain/hosting plans that are left over from my publishing days, etc., but I hadn't uploaded anything to them in ages and I can't seem to get them to work. Frankly, one of them (that I'd been using for Rexall and ClubZ! back in the day) seems to only have 10mb of storage (!!!), so I couldn't move that there anyway, and the other (where called home) I jumped through hoops to get a working password but the FTP would still not connect. In the course of messing with all this, however, I did get some "to do list" things crossed out, as I found I'd been paying for hosting and mail on three domains that I'd long ago "dropped" and was paying for hosting for another couple which I've kept the registration on, but wasn't using for anything ... and was able to clean up all that. I also was able to move the pointer back to a file on which is good because I think the (client) site that the html file of my resume has been on (since a previous "can't get the password to work" episode) is going to be evaporating soon.

I guess what I'll do is sign up for a different video hosting service (where it will sit in obscurity but for the custom URL I'll pass along) so that it will be in an easy place to view, and then provide the URL for the download from the file sharing service if they want to download it. What a pain in the butt, however!

I'm glad to have gotten some of those domain things cleared up, but I really need to get all that straightened out. I had SO MANY domains that I was using for stuff a decade ago, and had plans that were more-or-less "grandfathered" into minimal payments (that came "bundled" as very reasonable bills every six months or so) that I'd pretty much just let them slide. Some of these accounts go WAY back, though, as early (in the web) as '84 or '85 ... and in one case the current "host" is like the sixth company that my paperwork has passed through.

Anyway, I'm way backed up on stuff ... I'm hoping to finish the client web site that I was working on last week tomorrow, but I also had hoped to get a book review done for both here and The Job Stalker ... which means I'll have to leverage out 2-3 hours if I'm going to do that. Arrrgh. The Wife picked up some lottery tickets over the weekend ... maybe she'll have the luck touch on that. :-(

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