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Wow ...

I had to take Daughter #1 to the eye doctor today (she'd been having migraines and we needed to check to see if it was due to some "eye issue", which it wasn't, the doctor decreed her eyes to be "perfect"!), and when sitting in the waiting room I picked up this copy of Highlights for Children ... they're 65 years old?! That means there was pretty much a generation of kids reading this before I got into it back when I was 5 or so! I have very fond memories of this, as (if I recall correctly) we always had a subscription when I (and my brother) were young.

I feel sort of bad that we didn't get this regularly for The Girls (and, at 15 and 11, it's a bit late for them), although they did have it intermittently as various relatives sent it to them every now and then. It's amazing to see characters that I was very familiar with at one point, still chugging along in the pages (although I liked the old version of "Goofus and Gallant" better than the current "too cuddly" depiction - you could always tell in the old one that Goofus was a major jerk), and the "hidden pictures" still presents a challenge, even as an adult (although, I would like to point out, I did manage to find everything on the list, plus the bonus items, even though Daughter #1 helped out on one).

This was an odd day, I'd woken up very early with a wicked sinus headache, took some antihistamines and tried going back to sleep, but that wasn't working so well (and the headache kept getting worse), so I got up, took some acetaminophen and tried to do some work. At least sitting at my desk let me sleep ... woke up at 9 and was at least feeling functional enough to get 3 hours of stuff done before having to head out to the eye doctor.

Daughter #1 is very fond of soup, so after the appointment we went across to Northwestern Memorial to have lunch at the Au Bon Pain they have on the mezzanine level there (corn chowder - YUM!), and had all sorts of reminiscences of the many times my Mom was in there. When we left I noted that once they get the new Children's Memorial hospital "uncorked" you'll be able to walk right up to Chicago Ave. from the main hospital (which is good, because that's been a long block on Chicago) and to the MCA. Daughter #1 pointed out that it was Tuesday, and that's free day at the MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art), and she seemed to be pretty interested in going, so we did. It was more time on my feet than I was planning on having today, but they had some interesting exhibits (including an 8-hour performance piece by Japanese dance artists Eiko & Koma), and it was nice to get out to a museum.

However, I was pretty wiped out by the time we got back (and still had lingering headache issues), so after calling in to make sure I wasn't needed up in Evanston (for HyperLocalLIVE up at the Orrington), I crashed for an hour or so, then started picking up the bits and pieces of what I'd not been able to get to today.

One thing I need to still do tonight is figure out the new WordPress interface for Chicago Now ... as of 6pm tomorrow the Movable Type system will be history, and while all our old content will automatically port over to the new system, I'm going to need to get that set up and figure out how to post to it ... bleh.

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