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Yes, back to this ...

Sometimes "other stuff" gets in the way of posting the the blogs, even when one is all set up to do so. This one is from Friday, June 17th, where I had a piece available for Monday, had decided to let it slide to Wednesday, but had fallen asleep at the keyboard before having a chance to get it up then, and, rather than doing back-to-back posts, put it off to the next week. What's here is the "regularly scheduled" Friday link dump with a picture of a plane (ME109?) which had, like me, "crashed".

Tonight I was off for a Chicago Now event, nominally celebrating the switch over to Chicago Now 2.0, when we go from a Moveable Type system to a WordPress system. I'm sort of sad to see the switch, as M.T. is a Six Apart product, as was L.J. for many years (although some of us were on board here before they bought out brad Brad Fitzpatrick), and I seem to have some sentimental attachment to it via the connection. It was a smaller-than-usual gathering of bloggers, with many of the "usual suspects" not in attendance, taking place over in Sarah Stegner's Prairie Fire restaurant ... Sarah writes a Chicago Now blog and was providing us with some awesome appetizers (including bacon popcorn!).

Things keep getting grimmer on the job front. I hadn't been regularly paid since mid-March (although I've had two "grudgingly issued" checks since then), and it's beginning to look like I might be being "stiffed" on the nearly ten grand I'm owed for my time put in since then. I may be wrong (since they money guys in L.A. specifically had me kept on as part of their team), but the things I'm seeing don't make me hopeful for that expected full-time gig magically appearing any time soon. I'm holding my breath hoping to hear from this other gig (the one I did a video interview for over the weekend), where I'm a near-perfect match for their very wide wish-list of talents, but am likely twice as old as anybody presently on staff. The note I got on Monday (telling me they got my video) said that if I didn't hear by the end of the week, I wasn't going to hear anything (and I haven't heard anything yet, although the deadline for getting in videos was yesterday at noon), so I wait.

Sucks to be me, eh?

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