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Geez ... my brother was supposed to be coming in to town on Friday to help out with my Mom over the weekend (dealing with her sister's death), but it seems that my sister-in-law just had a cousin die, and they're doing some big Irish wake thing back in Boston for the cousin, so my Brother needs to be there for that. Shit. I didn't even fucking know that when I wrote this ... I guess I'm just dead-on in my world view, eh?

                    BROKEN IN A WEB OF DEATH

                    so much destruction
                    so much death
                    there are strata
                    and layers and shells
                    of decline here
                    not just one zone
                    not just one phase
                    not just one state

                    everywhere we look
                    death enters ...
                    systems dying,
                    structures dying,
                    people dying,
                    dreams and hopes,
                    soul and spirit, dying;
                    everywhere is death

                    we are broken down
                    we are driven down
                    we are beaten down
                    with no means to arise
                    blow for blow
                    slight for slight
                    degradation masses
                    destroying all we see

                    so long this darkness
                    has been with us
                    but always inside,
                    a churning sea
                    of pain and anguish,
                    but now it spills
                    out into worlds
                    concrete, real, and horrid

                    I can not face this
                    I can no longer stand
                    against the torment
                    my strength is broken
                    all that has given me
                    a focus, an aim,
                    is stripped away now
                    how can I endure another dawn?

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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