BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

So, there I was ...

So, there I was, seriously contemplating another NaBloPoMo run, going to start things off with yet another book review last night, and I fell asleep before getting the review done. My bad. I find it almost impossible to write reviews at my desk (too many distractions), and, although I'd given myself an extra hour the other night over at the B&N Cafe, I'd only managed about 2.5 reviews, and that other .5 just wasn't writing itself. And I fell asleep at the keyboard. And I missed the 1st of the month. So, no NaBloPoMo for August. Sucks big time. AND ... I still don't have the freak'n review written, and I'm already backed up with another book. I usually try to block out either Friday or Saturday night for going to write, but I may have to try to slot that in mid-week. Hate this. Grrrrrr.

Oh, and ... I'm trying to do a little graphics thing and my damn computer won't let me. Which means that I've been dealing with too much video (for some reason video sucks up massive amount of memory and never lets it go on my system until I reboot) ... just my luck that most of my "paid hours" these days are dealing with video. I guess I'm going to have to save all the stuff that needs saving, shut the dozens of things I'm working on down, reboot the f'ing system and see if I can get something done before I fall asleep again!

I'd be a lot happier just breaking a whole lot of shit at the moment. These past few days have been HORRIBLE.

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