BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

It would appear that Hell hath frozen over ...

OK, so this might not be in the upper reaches of "hell freezing over" events, but anybody who knows me knows that I have had a long-running (since 1985?) antipathy for all things Apple, from their traditionally grossly over-priced machines to the zombie-like hordes who mindlessly will buy anything that Steve Jobs tells them to, even if it's just a new color of something they've already bought (I keep saying that Jobs is missing a market, he could sell his used undies to fanbois who could steep 'em in hot water to make "genius butt sweat tea" ... and have a line around the block at every Apple store to get on the waiting list!).

Now, having worked from home for 15 out of the last 18 years, I've never been a big "cell phone guy", since I have a perfectly functional (with no drop-outs) land-line phone six inches off my elbow here at my desk. And, while I'm usually in a cyborg-like connection with my desktop computer 12-18 hours day, I've always sort of wanted a "smart phone", and would have very likely been an early adopter, had my financial situation been less agonizing over the past six or seven years. Frankly, it's always been in the category of "expensive toy" that I could hardly justify (especially while I'd never even been able to justify getting a data plan for our existing cell phones).

This morning, however, I wake up to <== THIS little ad from Best Buy in my e-mail. Free. A $500.00 phone for that ever-so-sweet price-point of FREE. Conveniently, we're AT&T customers, so there was no mental battle about changing providers ... and I was able to do this without making any changes to our "family plan" ... all I had to do was add the lowest level ($15/month) data plan, something that most people probably already had.

One of my freelance/consulting clients has been wanting me to work up training materials for folks to get their app set up on mobile devices, and I'd been in a quandary, as I was not in a situation where I'd be able to do that, without borrowing somebody else's phone ... so I was certainly "mentally in the market" for a smartphone.

So, I make a few phone calls ... Best Buy to check the details of the offer ... AT&T to check the details of our plan ... The Wife to obtain permission to add $15.00 a month to a cell phone bill she's always bitching about anyway ... and Best Buy again to walk me through the slightly Byzantine click structure to enable me to get this on an existing plan with just the data upgrade. But it got done ... and I now have a new "smart phone" for just the cost of adding a $15/month lowest-level-available data plan on my cell phone line. Pretty sweet deal.

Of course, I would have MUCH preferred to have gotten some sort of Android phone, since that does seem where the future is (and it wouldn't be Apple), but having woken up this morning with no idea that I'd be in possession of a "fancy-pants phone" by late afternoon ... it's a pretty exciting sort of day (only marginally brought down from having wasted a couple of hours going to yet another totally useless Job Fair in the A.M.).

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