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Long, long time ago ...

A couple of months back one of the "daily deals" sites had a small "photo/card" scanner going for cheap and I ordered it. Among my many "projects that I'd like to get to someday" has been digitizing the bazillion photos that I took in the 80's, 90's and beyond. Seriously, in one storage closet I have four hip-high stacks of 3-ring binders with the prints and the negatives. Now, I have a negative scanner from several years back (it, fortunately, has a USB connector, though that option was brand new back then!), but have never had the time/energy to launching into the scanning project, but at least I have a "system" awaiting the 35mm negatives. However, a lot of my older pictures date back to when I was using a 110 camera (which, if you don't recall, has a tiny 13x17mm negative size). I guess one can now get scanners for the 110 film strips (but most are quite expensive), but when I saw the little print/card scanner, I thought I'd found a way to get those done fairly easily (I could, for instance, be watching a football game and be feeding in prints ... which is what I did this weekend), and had pulled out a binder from one of my older trips when I last was into that storage.

Unfortunately, the scan quality from the prints left a lot to be desired ... almost all were streaky, some "horribly so", and everything was pretty grainy. The image size was fairly large, however, (1312x1040px) or about 300dpi at the original print size, which when reduced for the web (at an average of 96dpi) looks "OK". My intent was, though, to put together photo books via some print-on-demand service like LuLu, and the quality is pretty "iffy" for print. At least it works great for scanning in business cards, which I have hundreds of waiting a better organization system than what they're currently in!

If you click on the image below you'll get a full-size graphic (you'll probably have to click on that image to get the full-size full-size), and the center image will be pretty much what the scanner produces.

And, yes, it's all pictures of me here. Frankly, I've always been the guy behind the camera, so it's odd to have a lot of shots of me anywhere (most of the shots are of ruins). It's also pretty amazing to suddenly come across myself from almost a quarter century ago.

These were taken 24 years ago, as noted on the image, in August 1987. I was down in the Yucatan for a "Zen and Shamanism" workshop co-hosted by Richard Baker Roshi and Alberto Villoldo (who I'd studied with in Peru previously) at the time of the "Harmonic Convergence". Most of these were taken on a side-trip to Coba, a sprawling Mayan city out in the jungle, although the main part of the trip took place down the coast from Tulum. It was an interesting trip, with Alberto having his group of students, and Richard having his German cadre (I see, upon googling him, that he ended up marrying into European nobility) trooping around after him. Aside from our trip to Coba, we were at Tulum a couple of times, went diving at a cool place where a fresh-water cenote opened onto the Caribbean waters, and even a bunch of us having a mad dash one night up the coast to Cancun ... but the main focus was sitting zazen on the beach in the mornings and doing shamanic ritual in the evenings.

Frankly, these pictures are very "bittersweet" to me ... I really miss that guy I was back then ... all sorts of promise, all sorts of stuff going for me ... all of which has played out very badly to the point I'm currently at where it's month-to-month on if we're getting the bills paid or not, and I've been unable to find a job for 28 months. I'm so sick of being a loser. It wasn't supposed to have ended up this way. :-(

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