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A tale of big buildings ...


OOOOH, Lookie! Pictures! Clicking on these will take you to full-sized ones!

Dont' you feel lucky? Actually, where you're lucky is that I was thinking about doing another NaBloPoMo in September, but missed 9/1, so that shot down that concept. Don't worry, I have lots of boring The Job Stalker posts (with thumbnails) to share with you when I get around to it!

Anyway, on Saturday I was helping out (yes, another unpaid gig, I'm such a moron) with the DownTown Dash, very much like the "Urban Hunt" thing last year (same organizers, different sponsors). After doing some kit stuffing in the early morning, I was assigned to be a "site monitor" (or whatever you want to call it), making a list of the various teams that showed up to one of the locations. I got a plum posting, the observation deck up at the John Hancock Center. Now, I was very diligent and planted myself right by the elevators for the 4 hours of the scavenger hunt, so my view for most of the time were of dozens of tourists getting off and on the elevators ever 2-5 minutes, with the occasional contestant team arriving for me to get their number and name.

When the finish time rolled around, I made a dash to the washroom, and then took a few shots out of the North windows. I suppose I could have taken the time to have walked around and gotten a LOT of pictures, but I was pretty wiped out at that point and wanted to get down to the "after party", so I just took a handful.

Of course, because it's the 10th anniversary of that ===> thing, I was sort of relating to the feeling of being way up on a high building ... while I didn't know anybody lost on 09/11/01, some friends were quite connected with the folks at the Windows on the World restaurant ... most of whom didn't make it out. For those who have been on LiveJournal from the early days, you'll remember what a whirlwind that was around here ... which was a much smaller (only 10k or so at that point?) and closely knit community back then.

Speaking of unpaid work ... I actually have a business trip coming up this week! While my flight and housing are being paid for, I'm into "sweat equity" on the actual time. I'm heading out to Salem, MA to run the participants in The Young Witches projects through a bit of a "boot camp" for PR, Media Relations, Social Media, and to get a couple of folks up to speed on the WireWax video coding. I'm trying to pull together a "manual", that I'll also likely make available as an e-book. Lots of work. Wish I was getting paid for more of it.

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