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Sooooo ...

I thought I might have pics for y'all from my trip out of town, but not so much.

As I probably noted previously, I was off in Salem, MA from last Thursday to this Tuesday, with the primary intent of my doing something of a "bootcamp" in PR & Social Media for the folks involved with a client's new "webisodic" production that starts shooting next week. Frankly, most of my time was involved with re-writing the associated web site, and, as you can imagine, coding is not the most photogenic activity. I had planned on shooting some pics and video while there but never quite got the right situations for that. It was interesting, though, as I also got trooped off to assorted meetings to describe the whole "communications" side of the project to various folks who are involved one way or the other with it. (OK, so here's one pic ... two of the folks from the web production shooting some "B reel" material at a local festival we went out to on Sunday)

I got to see my Brother and his family on Saturday, they live on the other side of Boston, and had never come up to Salem, so it was a bit of an adventure for them. Again, I'm guessing you have very little interest in seeing those pictures.

I had a VERY odd thing happen last night, however. I got a notice that somebody had added me to one of their circles on Google Plus, and I didn't recognize the name. I pulled up the "about" on and realized that the firstname-middleinitial combo cross-referenced to the location where my old girlfriend from college lived, and looking at the few others in her circles I found her son (who's out of college already!), pretty much nailing the ID. It's odd, as I've previously searched for her across various Social Media sites, but this is the first thing I've seen come up. I guess I'm an outlier in the use of web and social media for people "in my age band", as I've been doing this for ages (from back in the early 80's), and some folks just never seemed to have "gotten it" (my best friend from college still doesn't use e-mail). My old GF must have just now been "sticking a toe in" to the internet, having a not-yet-posted-to Twitter account that was just a month or so old (her son's was 2+ years old), plus this brand-new G+ account.

Of course, the "breakthrough" was getting her married name, which is fairly uncommon (her husband comes up as the only person with his name in the U.S.), as compared with her maiden name which was quite common, and thereby really hard to do a meaningful search on. Given that key bit of info, I was able to dig up all sorts of "back story", including when she got married, when/where she and her husband met (they collaborated on a research paper some years before), and, as noted, the info on her son.

I added her to some circles on G+, followed her on Twitter, and sent out a Friend request on FaceBook ... it will be interesting to see if she responds (one would think she would, having G+'d me first ... but I know a lot of people out there who set up SM accounts and never even look at them again!).

Anyway ... I was hoping to have made more progress on the books that I've been reading that I did on the trip (I fell asleep anytime I started to read), so it may be some time until I get a review up. I'm contemplating doing a NABLOPOMO in October, however, so you might be dumped on with a bunch of random stuff here soon.

Oh, speaking of "random stuff" ... I just had what looked like a crash in Chrome, which was upsetting because I had a couple of days' worth of unread Tweets stacked up there (which I hadn't saved), and you can't get back Tweets that you "lose" ... I was VERY pleased to see that when I finally gave up and clicked on the "close the program" pop-up box it ONLY closed the one tab that was having a problem ... I don't know if this is a new "feature" in Chrome, but I'm real happy to see that behavior!

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