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It's not who you are ...

I don't believe that I've ever "favorited" a Tweet before, but this one (from Scott Ginsberg, a speaker whose "brand" is wearing his "Scott" nametag 24/7 {even in the buff via a tattoo!}) was SO TRUE. As you know, I've bitched about this now and again over the past 2.5 years that I've been looking for a job. I can't "be me" in my blog, because so much of what is involved in "being me" is stuff that is taboo for the job search. I'm almost done reading another job-search book (I'm hoping to have the review good-to-go for Monday's The Job Stalker) where in at least a half-dozen places it stresses not making any posts anywhere that touch on "politics or religion" ... subjects that I used to enthusiastically pontificate on. You may recall that a year or so back I ran this blog through a "rating" thing, which guessed that I was a very happy elderly lady. Nothing quite like having to become Betty White because I'm looking for work!

One thing I'm NOT today is "happy". After posting yesterday about my 1/4 time gig getting pulled, I ended up with my computer crashing. Crashing and not coming back to life. I spent most of the night trying to coax it back, but, despite making into the Windows (Vista) "welcome" screen a couple of times, my HD seems to have bricked. This morning I dragged the system out of my hole and out to the dining room (where I'd have room to work on it), and did everything I could think of (a lot of this was switching which SATA socket it was plugged into on the MB, as that was the problem the last time I had a crash), but it got to the point where every re-boot ended up with the boot control telling me there wasn't anything to boot from (even Ubuntu couldn't see any "there" there).

If this wasn't bad enough, I didn't have back-ups for anything on my desktop, which included files from nearly a year of freelance/consulting gigs ... a lot of which I'd be hard put to recreate (many of which are layered source graphics for logos, etc.). So ... yesterday was me getting knocked to the ground and THEN kicked in the groin.

I'm hoping hoping hoping that I can find a HD recovery place that can get those files without charging me hundreds of bucks.

So, you're asking: "Brendan, how are you writing this post?" ... yes, it's mysterious, or not. Fortunately, the last time we upgraded my younger daughter's system (I may have written about the awesome deal we got for a computer delivered for $112) I kept her old, ever so slightly balky, system to eventually get her files off of that and onto her new machine. As I'd not gotten around to doing so, that computer was still sitting in a corner of her room, and (after I'd dragged my dying system out to the dining room) I pulled that into my office and set it up. It's more comfortable than working on my netbook, but I suspect that my netbook may be higher powered. I ended up digging us into more credit card debt by ordering a "new" (refurbished) system from Tiger Direct today, but I need to be able to function at a certain level ... and slightly under $300 is getting me a dual-core system with 4gb of RAM, a 640gb HD, a NVIDIA graphics card, and Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, most of which is an upgrade from my previous system ... so this should be able to take me up until I'm either again gainfully employed, or having to sell everything I own to be able to feed my family.

I'm thinking "Sucks To Be Me" should get carved onto my tombstone.

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