BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Yep, November ...

Wow ... so much for the long, lingering Fall ... it made it just two days into the month and WHAM ... here's a very recognizable November!

Note the splash in the right-hand picture, that water's probably going up 10ft into the air over by the Oak St. s-curve on Lake Shore Drive ... not a place you'd want to be walking today. I guess we're lucky it was as warm as it was (well, "as above freezing" as it was) because the clouds there looked like they'd just as well be dropping a foot of snow on us if they could.

On the computer front (see yesterday's post), I'm once again amazed at TigerDirect ... I put in my order about 5:45pm last night and UPS showed up with the box before 11am this morning ... sure, one of their main shipping locations is just out in the suburbs, but more often than not, if you get an order in for delivery downtown here by the end of their work day, it will be here the next ... with just standard ground shipping.

I've been surviving the past 24 hours with an old already-replaced computer that used to be Daughter #2's, which has been fine for basic functions, but if I had to go much longer with it, I'd go nuts, as some key software I use all the time (such as won't install on an XP system that hasn't been upgraded to SP3*. However, I should be up and running with the new system by tomorrow night.

I also got a note from an old friend about a guy he knows who managed to get everything off a trashed system they had ... although from his description, his crash might not have been hard drive related, but I'll see what he can do.

Got some book reviews coming at you over the next few days ... but you like those, don't you?

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* This is an "E-Machine" which dates to early Windows XP, and for some reason (and this was true on all 3 similar systems we had at one point) the CPU just didn't like XP Service Pack Three ... it would go into nearly endless loops of re-booting whenever the system was turned on after an update. None of the work-arounds we found on the web helped, and we eventually just replaced 2 of them. This one I wiped with the "restore to factory" disk and just won't let Windows do the install of SP3.
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