BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

This was fun ...

Today the new Google Places / Chicago folks did what had to be one of their first events, celebrating "11/11/11" with buying folks lunch today at e.Leaven, a bakery and sandwich shop that's just opened next to Trader Joe's on Ontario.


The first pic there is the outside of the restaurant, located conveniently smack between Michigan Ave. and State St. The next pic is e.Leaven owner Eben Dorros, posing with Amy, who recently has become the voice of @GoogleChicago. Next, there's Amy/@GoogleChicago with Meredith (@RandomMSUGirl) who was there helping Amy set up and do the show-and-tell on the new "Places" app. Finally, there's my sandwich ... a very tasty Reuben.

Today Google was picking up the tab for everybody who swung into e.Leaven for lunch between 11am and 1pm. I ended up having soup and a sandwich. Now, I just heard about this on Twitter last night, so I didn't have much pre-knowledge of the restaurant ,,, and everything on the menu is healthy. So this means that the soup that I thought would be a potato/corn chowder was more of a potato/corn broth ... quite tasty, but being sort of "the ghost of" the soup I thought I was going to have. I guess this saved me 400 calories or so, however! Similarly with the Reuben ... all the constituent parts were there, but it had been toasted rather than being slathered with butter and thrown on the grill (and the thousand island was on the side), again, no doubt saving me several hundred calories ... it was good, but requiring a mental re-adjustment from what I'd been thinking would show up. Oh, by the way ... that bowl contained an awesome slaw in a very generous portion. They also had a great lemonade, one of three fruit drinks available along with soda and tea. Everything was good ... but a "spa cuisine" take on what I envisioned when looking at the menu!

Anyway, if you want to check out the new Google "Places", it's here: ... and there's links there to download the app. Oh, and here's a pic of me that was posted to Twitter ==>

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