BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

ChicagoNow event ...

Was down at the Tribune today ... the ChicagoNow folks were having meetings with as many of the bloggers (there are around 300 of us at this point) that were able to show up either Thursday evening or this morning.


The first pic there is Jimmy Greenfield (@jcgreenx), the manager of ChicagoNow, doing an intro. The second pic is the remnants of the crowd (there were about 40-50 there) getting ready to head over to lunch at the legendary Billy Goat Tavern. And the third pic is the only half-decent shot I got in the Tribune's lobby (the damn iPhone is never going to replace a "real camera"). I tried to get a shot down at the Billy Goat, but the camera on the phone wasn't up to the task.

As you know, I've been writing The Job Stalker blog over on the Trib's ChicagoNow site for two years now. Trust me, I'd rather have a job than still be writing about trying to find a job, but it is interesting being a part of this. Today was part update, part answering questions, and part just yakking. Found a few useful things to add to the blog, passed along a few tips of my own, etc. I had hoped to have done more networking, but the format when over at the Trib was not conducive to talking to a lot of people (the chairs were set in a big circle around a conference room), and it was a mob scene over at the Billy Goat, so I largely had very brief chats with folks whose names I didn't get. Oh well.

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