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It's not much of a garden ...


I've pretty much always been a high-rise guy (well, there was a stretch in the 70's when we lived in a Victorian brownstone up in Lincoln Park where we did have a small backyard), so I've never had much opportunity for gardening, but, over the past decade or so, I've had a 10" or so pot with a trellis stuck in it for Morning Glories. This works pretty well, as there are always new flowers, and it takes up a limited amount of space.

I know that I've put up other pics over the years, but really liked the one visible flower this morning (there was another, I later found, back amid the leafs on the window side of the trellis), with the sun lighting it up.

We used to get a variety of colors (light blue, pink, white, as well as purple) of the flowers, but the past couple of years it's just purple. I must have been inadvertently selecting for that when retrieving the seeds at the end of the year. Generally speaking, I start the seeds from the previous year in new dirt around March, and then allow the plants to die in December/January (being up by the windows is a pretty cold spot, and the plants start packing it in around then anyway). I'll cut off all the seed pods from the vines, break them open, winnow off the dry papery bits, and stick the seeds in a container for next year. Somewhere in repeating this over and over the purple strain must have asserted itself (I'm guessing that's because it's the ones with the larger black seeds ... there've been fewer and fewer with the smaller white seeds over the years), as that seems to be the one type of flower we see anymore. Not that I'm complaining (they're pretty enough), it was just nice to have had some variety.

Anyway, up there are a couple of shots for your viewing enjoyment. I always like the juxtaposition of the flowers and the highrise view like in the 2nd one!

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