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So, yesterday I was down at the Hyatt Regency to check out the expo at the SES Conference, and hear a talk in this middle of all that which appears to have been specifically for the Social Media club of Chicago. The speaker was Bryan Eisenberg who was presenting "Think Differently - 10 Lessons Learned from Steve Jobs". While this was quite interesting, it kept swinging into "fanboy" territory (the type I used to joke about having a subscription to get Steve Job's used underwear so they could brew up "genius butt sweat" tea out of them), which, given my decades-long dislike of Apple, was somewhat of a turn-off when it got into the "show of hands" rah-rah for Apple products.

Because the SMC group was sort of embedded among the SES crowd (we'd signed up for free expo passes) it was sort of difficult having a coordinated networking event. After the presentation we were scheduled to move up to the "Big Bar" on the balcony of the Hyatt's lobby, but it was packed, and so our crowd ended up in dribs and drabs across whatever tables opened up. Since I don't drink, the "hanging out at the bar" part of the evening quickly lost its appeal, and I headed home.

I've not been able to find an on-line copy of the presentation {with a bit more poking around I did find it - HERE} (as I noted, despite its "fan-boy" elements, there was good material there), which is too bad, as there were things that I might have been able to use in another context (I did scribble some notes and pass them along to associates). Oh well.

Ah ... and that last picture. They had very interesting lighting fixtures in the ballroom where the SES expo was happening ... sort of "urban decay" with four types of textured/frosted glass in an oval with "industrial" structural support pieces. I was impressed enough to want to capture an image (although, once again, the stupid iPhone wasn't up to the task) of it!

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