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It's not that I didn't have anything to say today, exactly, but it was going to be a "pulling it out of my ass" post if I had to simply tap-dance for a couple of hundred words this evening. Frankly, I'm in a cranky mood, having set aside the day to churn out resumes, and 3 out of the first 5 (of a 38-item list of places I'm going to be applying to) ended up with "we want you to write an essay" or "tell us about how you approached X, Y, and Z at this job", meaning that something that otherwise takes 10-15 minutes was taking 1-2 hours. The family went out on an errand this afternoon (they were all home by 1pm) which took 4-5 hours and when they'd gotten back I'd hardly made a dent in my list ... which made me CRANKY.

I mean, after all, what's the use of spending hour upon hour finding openings that look plausible if I can't get the time lined up to actually send the applications? Sure, there's the fatalist that says that it's hard to notice any difference if the resumes go out or not (in a job hunt 10 years ago I figured it was likely to have the same result if I carefully researched jobs, sent out the resumes and cover letters ... back in the day when these were printed and had stamped envelopes involved ... or just threw a stack of resumes out the window every afternoon), but there's an "Arjuna at Kurukshetra" element here too with the implication that spewing resumes is my current dharma!

Anyway, I have about five months backed up of these little thumb-nails of my posts over at The Job Stalker, and as you might recall from my previous NaBloPoMo efforts, they're handy to have as "filler" on the days where "I got nuthin'". Since I'm throwing up nine instead of three of these, I'm not going to specifically detail what's up which each, and will leave it in your hands if you want to click through to the individual posts (since I'm no longer getting the princely pay-out of ½¢ per Chicago-market page view, I care only in an aggregate volume sense, which is more ego than anything else).

As you can tell, the nine posts up there bracket the move to the new WordPress platform, which, to be honest, has been a nightmare, especially dealing with graphics. Don't get me started! Also, this reflects the start of the weekly Wednesday posts from now "co-Job stalker" Gordon Dymowski. I've known Gordon for a while via the Social Media (and Non-Profit) sphere here, and he was interested in taking over one weekly post. It's actually taken from June 22nd to just this week to get it so he could post on his own, so these all have a little intro piece from me, and then handing it over to him. As of this past Wednesday, I'm not involved on those.

So, clicky-clicky if you want to see what I was up to back then. It's all fascinating, I assure you! Hope to have something more interesting for you tomorrow.

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