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Ah, I had intended to have a book review up here today. In fact, I was on my way over to the B&N Cafe following the Bears game a bit after 6pm, when I got a call on the cell phone from The Wife, saying that she'd managed to blow a circuit breaker while doing some stuff in the kitchen. This is an intermittent hassle, which only tends to crop up when the holidays roll around, as if we have the refrigerator, microwave, and TV running on one side of the room and the range and any other appliance (electric wok, electric grill, etc.) running on the other, odds are pretty good that breaker is going to trip. Once one recalls this (basically, don't nuke something while grilling or stir-frying something), it's fairly easy to work around, but tonight she didn't so I got called home when I was about a scant 30ft away from the bookstore.

Why, you ask, would I have to turn around and come home? Well, the breaker box is in the back of a big storage closet, requiring a not insignificant amount of excavation to get to. Sure, it's only about 5-10 minutes of shifting boxes and stuff, but that's not in The Wife's comfort zone (just like how writing checks, etc., is not in my comfort zone), so I had to turn around and come back.

I did, however, make a point of showing Daughter #2 (who is more "practically inclined" than her sister) exactly how to get to the switch box and which switch was the one for the kitchen, so that if I was, say, up in Evanston when this happened, they wouldn't have to wait for me to work my way back downtown to get the refrigerator back on!

Anyway, since my plans for the evening had been messed up, and I still had quite a lot of these links to The Job Stalker posts, I figured I'd drop another nine of these on you tonight! You know you want to hear the gory details of my job search.

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