BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

What, you don't LIKE these?




Mighty handy having these things around, eh? Frankly, I had another "Yikes! I need to get a post up tonight or blow the NaBloPoMo thing!" moment this evening and, once again, pretty much "had nutin'". Frankly, I've been in a resume cranking mode, and have barely left the house over the past few days, nor done anything of note, so unless you'd be happier reading about the dozens of companies I'm pointlessly sending resumes to, there are these lovely links to The Job Stalker posts for you to check out.

I'm trying real hard to not slip into a total Emo zone here (which reminds me of a joke ... "I wish my lawn was Emo, because then it would cut itself!"), but things are not happy, not promising, and not hopeful here. All sorts of twisted darkness that I'm pretty sure you don't want to hear about.

Again, nothing on this side except for the Tortures Of The Damned (maybe watching A Clockwork Orange might cheer me up some) to report. Hope things are working out better on your side of the screen.

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