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Well, spent all day cranking out resumes, so I didn't have anything "interesting" to bring you today. I did finish reading another book (I am so far behind on my 72/yr goal that I've pretty much given up making that target this year), but didn't have a chance to get a review written, so that's coming.

Days like this, it's hard to come up with anything interesting, and, frankly, had it not been for trying to complete a NaBloPoMo in November, I'm sure I wouldn't have made the effort tonight.

Of course, I could move into "wailing and gnashing of teeth" mode and delve into the excruciating details of the futility of the job hunt, but why not just click on the links up there ... you don't want to see my wounds.

Sometimes, though, I wonder why I bother ... I get the feeling that there's a scant handful of people who ever look at these posts, I never get any comments on anything I put up on The Job Stalker, so doubt what sort of "audience" I have there, and I could be Tweeting all day long and still hear the freak'n crickets chirping. And, needless to say, "don't get me started" on FaceBook. It's bad enough that I'm so totally isolated in "real life".

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