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So, hasn't this been fun? In the course of using these as "filler" in the pursuit of a NaBloPoMo, we've gone from the design/platform change up to the point of Gordon being the "official" co-Job Stalker with his own posting rights ... which you really can't tell from these, but it's more a "conspicuous by his absence" deal, as when I quit doing intro pieces, these sort of dropped off my radar, and (while I kept counting his uploads in terms of number of posts) I quit "recording" them either as saved texts (since I didn't have those anymore) or as screen grabs (as Gordon was now on his own for graphics, etc.).

As always, I'd appreciate y'all going and taking a look at these, even though it's just nudging up the numbers.

(sigh) I had another rough day today emotionally (which if you go check out that last half dozen or so non-retweet Tweets over on @BTRIPP). This was the second day in a row spent cranking out resumes, which always seems so pointless. Of course, all it takes is ONE coming through with a job, but every week it feels more and more like buying a lotto ticket, as far as the odds go. Anyway, in the past 10 days (which had Thanksgiving in the middle), I've gotten out over 40 resumes.

As I've no doubt mentioned previously, I try to read every post by everybody I follow every day on Twitter. Now, I don't follow anybody who I don't have a reason to follow (so my own follow count grows very slowly with people using bots that unfollow if they've not been refollowed), and about 1/3rd of my list are job boards and recruiters, and other folks in the "job business", about 1/3rd of my list are "social media" and marketing folks, from the "gurus" to the folks in the community management trenches, and about 1/3rd being folks that I know or who are related to various things of interest. I get all my research done both for the weekly "link dump" in The Job Stalker, but also most of the places that are hiring for plausible positions. This probably takes up 2-3 hours a day, and is one of the things that makes this all such a grind. I'm amazed at people who are "doing their job search" in a 2-4 hour chunk of time a day ... as I'm probably "on the job" in one context or another a good 10-12 hours a day. And, frankly, I HATE the job search, I'm no good at the job search (evidently), and I've gotten to feel like I'm in some twisted sort of prison, out breaking rocks as some punishment for being me.

Which really, really sucks.

Anyway, I just have one more post to go to make my NaBloPoMo for November, so you can look ahead to my sliding back into a more muted posting pattern here. I'm sure you'll be glad to be seeing less of me ... assuming anybody is f'n reading this at all.

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