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A video ...

Well ... that took longer than I'd anticipated.

I sort of "gave myself the afternoon off" today, both wanting to shoot the footage for this, and to plow through a book that was in the "can't put it down" neighborhood. I took the #151 up to Fullerton, and hit the Lincoln Park Conservatory, which is this delightful Victorian-era hold-over up in the park, about 2 blocks from where I used to live as a kid. I'd seen something on the web (I think it was in @TheLocalTourist Twitter feed) about how they were going to be starting their holiday train exhibit last weekend, and I thought that might be a good "test run" for the HD Flip cam I'd gotten a couple of months back, but hadn't used yet because I lent it to the WSI folks for their Young Witches of Salem project (it is remarkably easy to use).

It was remarkably nice for the end of November (I saw one display saying it was 51°, but I don't believe that), and I was thinking that I'd get a cup of coffee over at the Zoo (right next to the Conservatory) and read my book. Unfortunately, all the food service outlets at the Zoo were closed (I guess mid-week this time of year isn't their prime season), and I kept walking. Over the past couple of years they've been working on the pond there, turning it into a nature reserve, and I'd not had occasion to see what was up with that (aside from what I could see at a distance out our windows), so I headed down there. It's interesting, as they've taken out all the sidewalks around the edges and replaced those with reedy "wetlands", and move the walking path onto these raised platforms. At the south end there's a big square area with some benches, and I settled in there. I got about an hour of reading done before the sun started setting, taking the temperatures with it. I eventually got my coffee at the McDonalds at North & Wells, and also got about another hour of reading done there, and walked on home when I finished the coffee.

As regular readers of this space may recall, I had a Very Bad Computer Crash a month or so back, and am now operating with a "new" (refurbished) computer. One of the challenges, of course, is that I don't have any of my old programs on this, so when I started in on making the video, I was having to make due with what I had or could snag quickly. The Flip cam exports in MP4 format (and I'd used its software to put together the 12 clips into a "movie"), and the new version of Windows Movie Maker apparently doesn't like that, so I was unable to put titles/credits on it, or do a voice-over on that last bit with the skyline. I just got a video format converter (after 3 tries, the first couple had AVG screaming about "threats"), so I may try that again once I throw that all into WMM and re-edit.

Anyway, this post completes my NaBloPoMo for November. Yay for getting 30 posts up in a row!

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