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Chinatown ...

Well, that worked out pretty well. I guess I just need to pull the .MP4 files into Windows Movie Maker, rather than letting the Flip software stitch them together into one long movie (which WMM wasn't happy with at all). I'm also going to need to put a rubber band or something around the flip cam to keep my fingers away from the lens ... I noted several places (mostly edited out in the final version here) where they were taking up the bottom third of the screen!

Today The Wife had a work thing in the morning, but got back in time for us to see the 11:35am showing of that Hugo movie. It was pretty good (had an interesting cast), but I found it massively depressing because of my situation being so similar to the empty hopelessness of one the key characters ... but there's nobody around to "fix" me. Bleh.

After the movie we hopped the El down to Chinatown, to have Dim Sum down at the "new" Three Happiness (the "old" Three Happiness is a little hole-in-the-wall on the south side of Cermac\k, with the "new" on being in the old - 30 years ago, old - space that had been the Mandar-Inn, before that moved down Wentworth and eventually closed), which is the main place we go (they have the "sticky rice" that The Girls like and really awesome shrimp toast). Both of my kids love Dim Sum, so it's something that we do a lot around birthdays, etc.

After lunch we took a walk down Wentworth, so I could get BBQ Pork Buns and Sesame Balls at the Chiu Quon Bakery, and The Girls could pop into a few shops and pick up some trinkets. I was, obviously, just grabbing shots as we went, with no script or plan in mind.

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