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Here's a view of my now-massive storage, with my old 1TB external HD sitting on top of my (detailed here previously) new 2TB external HD. Now, I've been messing with computers for something like thirty years (my first being the Timex/Sinclair ZX-81, which I believe I bought in 1982), and it's still mind-boggling that terabyte storage is both available and cheap (as noted, the 2TB drive was only a hundred bucks).

The new drive is back from the guy who was rescuing my data after the crash I had a few weeks back. Not only was he able to get all my data off the busted drive, he charged me a very reasonable fee to do so. I'd looked all over the place trying to find some service for this, and what he ended up invoicing me was only like a third of what my next most likely place looked like it would run me (and only a tiny fraction of what the "corporate" data retrieval sites listed!). I'd asked around all my "computer" friends and nobody had a good resource for this, so if you're looking to save data from a trashed drive (assuming that the data is retrievable, I was lucky in that mine was), you should see if Anthony Coletta can help you out. He's the head of an IT department at some company, but I found him through an old friend who just happened to read about my problems on FaceBook!

If you've not been following along closely, I suddenly had a balky hard drive a month or so back, and nothing I tried was getting info off of it. Unfortunately, I'd been keeping all the files from the freelance/consulting work "handy" on my desktop, meaning that ALL that looked like it was lost when my C: drive died. Needless to say, I'm very happy to now have those files safely ensconced on an external drive (and am looking at options for "cloud-based back-up" as well). Anyway, here I am with a sci-fi sounding 3TB storage. It really wasn't that long ago when "all the storage you needed" was a 360KB dual-sided 5.25" floppy drive ... but it seems like the stone age from here!

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