BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

How odd ...

I've been off to networking events three nights a week both of the past two weeks. Last week I was at the CISC (Chicago Interactive Social Club) event and ran into a gal I knew from Extreme Toastmasters. She told me that their holiday party was this week, and "insisted" that I show up. Now, as long-time readers of this space may recall, I was rather active with Extreme a few years back, coming to an abrupt halt when I started working with Simuality up in Evanston (making it very difficult to make meetings back down here at 6pm). When that job evaporated, for a combination of reasons (mainly the membership fees), I didn't get back into doing the Toastmaster thing ... but I've been showing up a couple of times a year for various parties that I've heard about.

What's been bizarre about this is that pretty much every time I've showed up, there's been some "new" (from my perspective) member there that I've known from other contexts in my past. First there was one gal that I'd gone to college with, then there was one guy who'd been a couple of years ahead of me in highschool, and various folks that I knew from networking events, etc. This was brought to mind last night when I discovered that a fellow I knew from the Career Transitions Center (he'd been my counselor there!) was now a member of Extreme.

I suppose that it's a testimony to the reputation of Extreme Toastmasters that it's become a "small world" hub like this ... it would be hard to explain the constant stream of folks I know being a part of that without the high profile of the E.T. club being a draw.

Oh, by the way ...

I HAD A JOB INTERVIEW yesterday morning!

I don't know "how it went" ultimately, but I had what seemed like a constructive hour-and-a-half chat with the head of a new Communications group at a major Chicago-based company (not a start-up) about a position that would be 70% writing (releases, publications, blogs, etc.) but also draw on many of my other skill sets. Often, after an interview, I'm "certain" that I did smashingly and was going to be hired momentarily, only to be disappointed when somebody else gets the gig. This time I walked away more nervous than anything ... and maybe that's a good sign! There were no "snags" in the interview, and he complimented me on some of my answers/questions, so I'm hopeful, but it's been SO DAMN LONG since I've had a job that I'm sure there are parts of my psyche which are screaming from the desperation of needing a job, and that's probably making it hard for me to get a "good read" on the situation. He indicated that they were wanting to have this job filled in the next couple of weeks, so I won't be left hanging for too long, but, needless to say, getting this would make one HECK of an Xmas present for me!

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