BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Long, long time ago ...

Last week I was heading off to an Open House at my old high school for the new Science Center that they'd just finished on top of the new Middle School building. It was awesome, with state-of-the-art labs for physics, chemistry, biology, etc., and a "tech museum" like central area with video walls, an interactive globe (that would show any planet or view that you wanted), and a lot of cool stuff.

Anyway, I had to go onto the Alumni web site to RSVP for the event, and when I was over there, I poked around a bit, and saw that, in my class' area, somebody had scanned a bunch of pictures from our Senior yearbook, two of which featured me attacking a sandwich. The pic above is the "before" image.

I know this will be a shock for some of you, but back in 1975 most yearbooks did NOT have color pictures. I'm sure that this concept will evoke images of a Fred Flinstone existence, but that's the way it was. The userpic I chose for this post is from the same yearbook, with my lovely grey-scale graduation photo.

It's amazing to think that this was over a third of a century ago ... while it doesn't seem like "yesterday", it also doesn't seem like all that long ago either!

I'm not sure when I quit wearing turtlenecks.

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