BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Well ... that's one thing solved

(sigh) I'm afraid that there are a LOT of "Tripp" people out there from the extreme shallow end of the gene pool. I'd been having an on-going exchange with the customer service people over on Pandora about the promo e-mails I'd been getting in my Gmail in-box. These all featured artists that I wouldn't listen to on a bet, and it pissed me off every time I got one. The Pandora guy who was dealing with me INSISTED that these were artists that I had "stations" for, to which I countered I'd rather have root canal surgery than to play that crap. Eventually I did a screen-grab of my actual station list, which he noted was COMPLETELY different from what he was seeing on his end.

It turns out that my (paid) Pandora account is connected to my e-mail and not to my Gmail, but I never got any mail about it there, yet was constantly seeing stuff in my Gmail account. Over the years there have been DOZENS of "B. Tripp" people who have THOUGHT that one or another of my e-mails (it used to primarily happen on AOL, now it's on Gmail) was THEIR e-mail address, and I've gotten a ton of very confusing crap showing up due to this.

Sure enough, some "cheap imitation BTRIPP" had signed up for Pandora using MY e-mail, and had station after station of rap, "urban", and other stuff that I'd prefer dental surgery over.

Since in most of these cases there is NO WAY to notify the person (being that "their" contact info is MY e-mail), I usually just go in and change the password and let it go at that. This, however, had been such an on-going irritation that I went in and deleted all of her stations and replaced them with stations for about a dozen or so Norwegian Black Metal bands.

I'm not particularly proud of doing this, but BOY is she going to be surprised when she fires up her computer (assuming it will connect her with "her" account), and ends up hearing Dimmu Borgir instead of Keyshia Cole!

I'm amazed at how wide-spread this is, however ... there are about a dozen "regularly misdirected" mail things (for assorted dim-bulb BTRIPPs) that I get, so these folks are OBVIOUSLY handing out my address as their own. Some people are just too damn stupid to be allowed near computers, I guess.

P.S.: By the way, this post is another sign of the Apocalypse ... this is the first time that I initially wrote something over on FB and then decided to re-post here ... something else I'm "not particularly proud of doing".

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