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A work in progress ...

A long time ago I published a "literary magazine" as part of my Eschaton Productions, Inc. "empire" ... this ran for seven years, beginning as a couple of sheets folded into thirds every month, and eventually going quarterly with 20 pages and cardstock covers. There was a LOT of good material in that during those times, and this is exactly the sort of "ephemera" that in the early days of Eschaton I was interested in preserving. Since most of this exists in my one set of "file copies" at this point, I figured that NOW was probably a good time to go about putting it into a more survivable form (odd that digital has become that), so have begun the rather huge task of scanning these all into .pdf versions.

So far, I have all the monthly issues scanned, which go from October 1993 through September of 1995 (plus "Winter 1995", the first quarterly issue, but that's not up on the site yet, as it's part of Volume 3).

It's interesting looking back 17 years ... the first nine issues had the Eschaton logo simply over-laid on a screened background, as at that time the main graphics programs that would work with an alpha channel (i.e. would let you have a clear background) were the very expensive "pro" ones, and it took me a while to find a cheap or free alternative (I'm not even sure what I ended up using for that), but obviously had by July of '94! This was also in the "time before the web", and I didn't even have an e-mail account associated with this until April of 1994, with the web site not showing up until mid-1996 (which, I'd like to point out, was hand-coded by myself only 3 years after the development of the first graphical browser). So bizarre to see "snail-mail" being the only option for submitting, subscribing, and ordering!

Anyway, figured I'd pass this along here. I keep thinking that LiveJournal was a main source of material for The Terminal Journal (being as some of its regular contributors are still very active here, such as polaris93), but L.J. didn't start until 1999, and I didn't join until 2000, so most of the "web stuff" that was in the T.J. came from folks I knew from AOL and IRC.

I've been setting this up over on my Ning site, but I may also have it up later on (which I've just had to pay for another year's hosting) as well. Needless to say, I'll let folks know when new Volumes are up.

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