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So, Daughter #2 turned 12 today. We had her main party (a sleepover with 4 of her friends) last weekend but have, of course, a string of celebratory events this weekend as well. She was quite particular in what she wanted theme and cake-wise, including wanting to have a six-layer "rainbow" cake this weekend.

Now, I enjoy baking, but have not done a lot of cakes, so did a "test run" with taking a 2-layer recipe and making 3 smaller (and intensely colored) layers from it. That worked out OK (except the canned frosting just ripped the hell out of the cake when trying to put it together) a couple of weeks ago, so on Friday I did a double recipe into six layers, Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue, and today I whipped up some home-made frosting that was easier to adjust the spreadability on. Unfortunately, I ran out of shortening (and so had a limited amount of frosting, despite having made 2.5x the recipe I was working from), so didn't have enough frosting to make the cake look all nice and smooth and even.

Daughter #2, however, was very happy to have the cake done the way she wanted it (it had something to do with Domo and unicorns, and that's the sort of stuff that is just not productive to have Daddy asking too many "huh?" sort of questions about), although it looks like we have enough cake to last out the month!

Took pictures, so figured I'd share!

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