BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,


Yes. You read that right (or click on the pic for a bigger image) ... "Big Bite Hot Dog Flavored Potato Chips".

How did the Mayans know about this???

What is really scary about these is that they DO taste like a well-topped hot dog ... and that they're good. Not just good, they're addictive. I was off at the taping of the other night and one of the hosts had brought in a bag of these. Of course, I scoffed. We all scoffed. But he opened it up, and passed it around. How could I resist? I had to know what strange chemical bath these chips had been subjected to in order to be marketed as "hot dog flavor". I had one or two, but the bag moved on and then they were gone ... but the sharp and savory flavor lingered. Something like a cross between barbeque and vinegar flavored chips, but with a significant mustard undertone.

I went home and thought nothing more of it. Until I did. A fat and starchy siren song floated through my taste memories, and there I was, suddenly, standing in a 7-11 with a buck and change clutched in my hand, wanting, no, needing to indulge in these again.

I am doomed. Society is doomed. There are Big Bite Hot Dog Flavored potato chips in existence ... we shall all surely be struck down!

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