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Well, Thursday brought a rather odd Chicago Now event, with an invitation to any of the bloggers to attend a special program down at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show. We were to assemble at the press room for the show (down at Navy Pier), have a light dinner (pasta and salad), see the show, and participate in a presentation about Social Media. It turns out that the Tribune used to run the show, but it was spun off, and a guy who'd formerly been with the Trib was now managing it ... and so the connection to Chicago Now, while still somewhat tenuous, was at least more explicable.

The first pic above (and you can click on any of those for a big honking version) shows the panel presentation with three Chicago Now bloggers, each talking about strange stuff that had happened in the course of their blogging. I take it that this was supposed to be an "open" seminar for anybody attending or exhibiting at the show, but the audience was pretty much just the other bloggers, so rather than be a "formal presentation" on using Social Media, it turned into more of an information exchange with people asking and answering questions around the room.

Prior to moving upstairs for that, we'd been trooped out onto the floor of the show to the "teaching" area and had a brief workshop on floral arranging by Michael Gaffney (whose new book Design Star you can see in the third pic), who runs the Chicago School of Flower Design. He had a lot of interesting suggestions (for instance, how to "bring back" flowers that have drooped over - by sticking them upside down in water!), and noted that flowers should last (if properly cared for) for as much as three weeks.

As we were there in the evening, there wasn't as much activity as I'd guess there would be at the show during the day ... it was an odd mix of floral, outdoor furnishings, fashion (which appears to have been the "theme" for the show), and even cars. I was, frankly, hard put to come up with any "pretty flower shots" as the actual floral displays were few and far between, so you'll just have to make do with that one in the middle up there.

While it was an interesting diversion and "fun outing" for the Chicago Now folks, it, obviously, wasn't "in the wheelhouse" for The Job Stalker, or, I'd guess, most of the other blogs there. What I found odd was that the one blog that I know from Chicago Now that's specifically about gardening didn't seem to be there (and wasn't on the panel) ... go figure!

Anyway, I did shoot some images, and figured I'd show 'em here.

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