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Oh, come on ...


Don't think I can't hear you: "Oh, gawd, not more of THAT stuff!" You're going to hurt my feelings.

Really, if you click through on those you'll find lots of good material that ended up in The Job Stalker instead of over in here. Have I created "fear of loss" in you yet? No? Well, in the first one not only do you get a nice healthy dose of passive-aggressive angst, but a comparison of two books you probably haven't read, and some really good bits from the one being featured. Of course, TOMS' Blake Mycoskie is "preaching to the choir" when he shows that "telling a story" is better than "spewing statistics", especially when taken with the spin of all those inane stats that the job industry folks tell you to load up your resume with!

Obviously, the second one speaks for itself ... it might be TMI, but it's letting the whole frustration of the jobless guy in the midst of the holiday season hang out in all its anguished navel-gazing glory. It should have probably been consigned to this blog, but sometimes you just have to quit being "PC" and speak one's truth (as long as that's not going to trigger a visit from government agencies, of course).

The third one up there goes into my on-going networking efforts (I try to get out to at least two things a week, but no more than four, or I'm on the couch all weekend), and actually got linked to a bit for the coverage on the charity event mentioned in the first part. Numbers 2, 3, and 4 up there also are set-ups for the weekly job-search "link dump" (product of my endless Twitter research), which some sites have cited as the "most useful" thing about The Job Stalker.

The last one up there features some more Bad Attitude ... but you can't expect somebody in his third year of being out of work to be particularly bright and cheery just because the calendar has rolled around to the holidays ... "it's tough, kid, but it's life" and all that (to quote from one of the few "holiday" songs I could stand this season).

And, as you can tell, that concludes our 2011 Job Stalker programming ... which, if you do the math, means that you're very likely only going to be seeing another 3 of these posts this month. Go ahead, sigh with relief ... then get with the clicky-clikcy already. I hope to have a book review for you tomorrow, and more poetry (remember "POEM" is the theme of this month's NaBloPoMo) is working its way through the pipeline to you as we speak ... or as I type and you read ... or something.

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