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More poetry ...

So, have you had time to go look at all of the Volume 1 editions of The Terminal Journal from last week's post? NO??? C'mon ... the NaBloPoMo theme this month is "POEM", why are you dropping the ball? Lots of good material here!

I think I'm a bit closer to bringing you MORE poetry. You see, this is as far as I've gotten things set up, because the file size of a fully-scanned quarterly copy of the TJ is too big for the basic Ning service, so I kind of quit scanning after I got the first one done. I believe that I've "solved the problem" (perhaps by creating another one) on how to get that taken care of, but I've not had a chance to test the concept as yet.

I do wish I'd be able to get myself into a "pattern" of doing regular scanning ... I have so much stuff that I'd like to preserve that I really have only in print copies at this point. I almost bought an ink-jet printer (that I totally didn't need) last month simply because it came with an automatic document feeder on the scanner part. I have an old multi-function laser printer here with a feeder as well, but I don't know if I can get drivers for it.

For years and years "back in the day" I'd write 250 poems per annum, so there are literally thousands which need to get scanned. I do have floppies with files on them from then, but they're all in this funky format (PFS: WRITE), and, while I can get into them via Note Pad, the text is all mucked up with code, and requires a lot of time-consuming editing, so I'm thinking that scanning them into an OCR application might be faster (although I did get an external floppy drive last year).

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