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The browser of Dorian Grey ...

I am amazed that I hadn't heard about this previously. Tonight I'd gotten a query from a consulting client about recommending an open source version of Frontpage or Dreamweaver. Since I've been a "write the code by hand in notepad" kind of guy, I've not kept up on those sorts of things (I always hated the bloated and redundant code they generate), so I dug in a bit and eventually came up with a recommendation of KompoZer, which seemed to be the sort of thing that he was looking for. However, in the process of going through various old message board postings and the like, I'd seen that Mozilla had had one, part of a suite that they'd featured before going all in on FireFox/ThunderBird, but this terminated (or so it seemed) back in 2006.

Being the obsessive-compulsive guy I am, I kept poking around and suddenly found mention of another Mozilla project, called SeaMonkey, which looks remarkably like some Dorian Grey version of Netscape. Now, "back in the day", I'd always been a Netscape guy ... heck, I even bought a copy of one of the last versions to come out (yes, you could buy a boxed version of the software that was otherwise free) ... so seeing this was oddly comforting. What's really weird is that this is a current project, with the latest release coming out just a few weeks ago! It appears that the Mozilla suite from '05/'06 lived on in a separate development track and there's this "unspoken of" cousin of FireFox and ThunderBird (note the similar logo design) floating around out there, featuring browser, e-mail, newsgroup/feed reader, IRC chat, and HTML editing modules all in one (just like the old Netscape!).

Again, I don't know how I missed the fact that this existed! I may have to add this to my web tools ... and, who knows, it might become my favorite (as I always liked the integration of those elements in Netscape).

I had a good "public transportation day" between last night and this evening ... getting $11.75 worth of El and bus trips for just the $5.75 of a CTA 1-day pass! I had a Net2Chi MeetUp yesterday evening, then a run to the Dollar Store this morning (oh, and if anybody's interested in that Rubies in the Orchard book, they have more copies there), and then a new consulting project meeting down in the Loop this afternoon ... in 23:45 of the 24:00 time on the card I ended up saving six bucks versus what it would have cost me if I'd just used my CTA Chicago Card ... go me! I love beating one of those cards to death, and it's pretty sweet when I can get more than double the cost of the pass run through it while it's good.

By the way ... the new netbook that I talked about winning on eBay is working great and I'm likely to have more book reviews coming your way soon (I'm backed up on 6 books right now) ... I just need to block out some time to head out to coffee shops to crank those out.

Oh, and one thing on politics ... I was as surprised as anyone when "fundie favorite" Rick Santorum suspended his campaign, but I've been really impressed with how well Dick Morris has been forecasting the GOP primary. About a week ago he was encouraging Santorum to bow out to allow the GOP to close ranks against Obama ... and noting that if Santorum lost the Pennsylvania (his home state) primary to Romney, not only the race, but his political career would be over. Obviously, the health crisis his daughter had allowed him to (in the face of polls that showed Romney at least even in PA) suspend his campaign. I've had the feeling that he'd been "pushed" more than "run" over the past month or so, with the fervid Evangelicals desperate to avoid having a Mormon candidate. The Dick Morris piece linked to above has a pretty good analysis on that point.

I'd really looked forward to a Romney candidacy because I knew it would drive the Fundies even more nuts than they usually are ... but I never anticipated them going as full-out as has been the case (with pumping money and workers into the Santorum campaign) to try to block Romney from getting the nomination. I just hope they get their undies out of a knot (over Mitt's "magic" ones) and don't sit out the general election.

Ooooh ... how refreshing ... I got to write a post with both political and religious themes! How I miss ranting in here. Hopefully somebody will hire me soon and I can go back to "being me" instead of being "the very non-controversial potential job candidate being researched by hiring managers"!

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