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So, yeah ... here's another month's Job Stalker posts.

Got all sorts of stuff ... an inspirational new year's post, a "link dump" and some networking advice, you have me going all angry/emo (complete with The Smiths lyrics) accompanying another "link dump", a Chinese new year's post (and "link dump"), and a "book feature" (orange you glad I didn't say banana?) taking a look at The Google Resume, all just splendid bits of verbiage.

I was off writing book reviews tonight, so you will have that to look forward to in the next couple of days ... manage to screw up my ankle in the process (yes, somehow I injured my ankle sitting in a Starbucks writing), and due to the ensuing gimpiness, nearly fell down 3 flights of stairs getting down to the train. Not the most fun evening I've had. I would have gotten more writing done, but the 24-hour Starbucks "closed for cleaning" the side of the store I was in, and there was no place for me to re-locate my netbook, etc., so I just headed out and picked up Daughter #1 from her D&D game. I'd hoped to have reviewed 3 books tonight, but just managed 1.5 ... sucks to be me, I guess.

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