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And some more poetry ...

Frankly, I'm a bit relieved to see these show up ... I'd started on this scanning project of The Terminal Journal a while back, and had no problem dealing with the smaller, monthly, editions, but when I got to the quarterlies, I found that the resulting files were way too large to upload to Ning! I had gone through various scenarios of how I might get these up some place where they'd be accessible, but nothing seemed ideal. I was reminded, in researching possibilities, that I had a DropBox account (something that had been suggested on one of the Ning boards), and found that that worked out just fine (if a bit slow) for putting these up.

Each of these editions are about 25mb, which seems a bit big. I'm thinking that if I saved off the individual page images as .jpg files instead of .png files, I might end up with a smaller original document, which might result in a smaller .pdf file. I'm not currently in a mood, however, to go back, convert all the files, build up a new document, and generate a new .pdf to test this theory. Perhaps I'll give it a go while pulling together Vol.4 No.1, when I get to that (and, for some reason, Vol.3, No.4 took way longer than the previous ones had, so I'm going to have to be cautious in budgeting time for the scanning, etc.).

Anyway, here's the Third volume of The Terminal Journal (click on the image to get there), which is when I decided that things would run more smoothly if I did a quarterly instead of a monthly (it was kind of hard keeping up), while keeping the actual contents fairly constant. The only problem I have with these being scans (and hence each page in the document a graphics file) is that I can't do an index easily to set up a way to find stuff from particular authors. Oh well. Hope you enjoy.

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Tags: poetry
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