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Don't you just love these NaBloPoMo months when you get to get caught up with my The Job Stalker posts? Sure you do! And here's another month's worth for you to check out. Yes, some months I'm just doing four posts there, due to now sharing the duties with another blogger, and pulling back a bit on my OCD and letting myself not post when I don't have anything particularly prepared. On this latter point, I end up doing a whole lot less "tapdancing" just to fill space over there, so one might conclude (not that I would claim this) that the quality of what I do post is improved.

The pics above are for the four posts in February. The first one features a "link dump" but also has me discussing the Superbowl and my usual schedule for getting out resumes, with some high-quality bitching about how some job sites are laid out. Next, there's another book feature post which takes a look at Chris Brogan's book on Google+, along with a link specific to using G+ in the job search. Next was a fun one, a post pointing to the RésuméSmith site where I was the “featured job seeker” that week ... nice to be able to get my "Swiss Army Knife" description out in print (especially after I heard another local guy stealing my riff on that!). Finally, there's a "Guest Post" by Ford Myers, in which he gave me permission to reuse a thing of his on "Re-Discovering Your Career Passion", along with some hand-out materials that I'd found elsewhere on the web.

Now, don't those just sound fascinating? Don't you want to click your way through to the delightful verbiage awaiting on the other side of those links? Of course! So, get with the clicky-clicky ... again, I don't make anything for page views anymore, but it's always nice to see (in the reports from Chicago Now) that people are reading!

By the way ... I have a follow-up phone interview this morning for a position that I'm really hoping will fall to me ... it's been a long time "out there", so I may just be getting the "thanks, but no thanks" talk, but I have my fingers crossed that it's still being developed and that I'm still "in play" for the gig ... wish me luck!

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