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Will you look at that ...

Well, this is monumental ... I'm actually going to reference something from Pinterest! Oy.

You see, Scott Stratten (aka @unmarketing) Tweeted something about this groovy Twitter-word-cloud-made-into-a-Wordle thing, and posted a link to a "pin" on his Pinterest (geez, it sounds so weird to say his Pinterest ... do guys actually use that?). Anyway, this was a pic of a big graphic he had done of the "word cloud" of his Tweets. How cool is that? While this doesn't take it the extra step (he does detail how he got it done), but if you go to you can have it grab your Tweet stats (which can take quite a while, I just fired it up again and I was queued with over a thousand other folks), and you can then get it to generate a word cloud. When that comes up you'll see a link going to that will automatically send the word cloud data with or without "@"'s (i.e., you can filter out the Twitter handles that would otherwise be in the graphic). I should have probably seen if I could have tweaked it to get rid of "RT" (i.e. "ReTweet"), since that's so huge in this (along with the evidence of my heavy ellipses addiction).

Anyway, once you get it in Wordle, you can mess around with it pretty much all you want, there are several color schemes, a long list of fonts, and various options for how it lays out in the frame. One thing it does NOT have is a handy way of saving the graphic, as the program is in Flash. The Wordle folks suggest two ways, first is doing a screen grab, which is what I did after using the Zoom command in FireFox so it was as big as my screen would allow (I didn't feel like doing a ton of cut-and-paste to make a HUGE graphic out of a bunch of separate screen grabs) ... the second (which I only found out by reading the FAQ when getting ready to post this) is to install something that will allow you to print to a .PDF file, which will be scalable. I'm assuming that's what Scott did to allow him to get this looking good at poster-size. Not that I'm going to be running out to get a poster made (my walls are pretty much either windows or bookcases anyway, it would have to go on the ceiling), but it's a very cool idea!

I do, however, want to point out how depressing it is that the #1 biggest word (once one gets past the "noise" of the RT and the ellipsis) is "JOB" ... meaning that my job search has swamped all other conversation by me on Twitter. I hate that ... hate it, hate it, hate it. I feel like the Biblical "Job" when it comes to my search for employment ... doomed, cursed, the plaything (with a cosmic "kick me" sign taped to my back) of forces that I can't control. How much nicer if that big word was "FUN" instead. Like's that has a chance of happening in this lifetime. :-(

Oh, and, by the way ... if you click on the image up there, you'll get to see it in a much larger form.

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