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And, catching us up till April ...



See, that wasn't too painful, was it?

This batch of thumbnails/links brings us up to the end of last month ... meaning the odds are pretty good that I'm not going to inflict more of The Job Stalker on you until the next time I opt to do a NaBloPoMo (which has been going swimmingly this month).

Soooo ... what do we have here? First, a bit of navel-gazing about my struggles, and a link dump ... then a plug for Chicago Career Tech's job re-training program (plus some bitching about how *I* don't qualify!) and a link dump ... a bit about a presentation by Howard Tullman, with some general rah-rah for getting out and networking, and a link dump ... a rare Tuesday post with some info on a few "webinars" that had come across my desk ... and, finally, a post about the big lottery prize I didn't win, with complaining about the sort of people who generally produce "webinars" (irony alert!), and yet another link dump. If nothing else between the five of those you've got 48 interesting job-search pieces to check out!

So, I had a Very Bad Day today and would just as well not get into the details (suffice it to say, that my 16-year-old daughter who was home from school today insisted that we go out to lunch just so I would quit being Tourettes/Hulk at the top of my lungs towards my monitor). She is one of the mere handful of people on the planet who disagrees with my assessment that everybody would be better off if I just freak'n DIED. I swear, there are more similarities to being in the job search and being on a prison chain gang than there are differences ... I spend all day working on stuff that I hate, having no opportunity to work on stuff that I'm good at and that has any point to it, and there's NO END TO IT. It's like prison. It's like HELL. It's some sick sentence that's draining away my life without any purpose, and all I can ask is "what did I do to deserve this punishment?". I'm almost hoping to be the victim of some violent crime just to be released because being on a slab in the morgue is looking better and better compared to another day/week/month/year/decade of grinding out resumes into the black hole of indifference out there!

Anyway, the clicky-clicky on the thumbnails up there will at least move the numbers and sometimes that makes me feel that the time I waste spend on doing The Job Stalker isn't as pointless as it usually seems.

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